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PostSubject: Donation   Donation Icon_minitimeMon Jan 28, 2008 4:21 pm

All money from donations will be going towards paying for and improving the server.
So if you like MirLabyrinth and you want to help out then msg us @

Please note donations are not aimed at making any profit, they are just optional to try and help pay for the great dedi we rented Smile donations will be stopped every month after we have made enough to help pay for the server, so the game doesnt become unbalanced.

All the items on donation list are in drop files.

Thank You Very Happy

Donation List:

Boundless Ring dc0-8 4 req dc54
Thunder Ring mc0-6 4 req mc32
TaeGuk Ring dc0-2 sc0-6 4 req sc 30

Spells: Any spell 20

Spirit Reformer mc0-4 ac0-2 4 lvl 37
BaekTa Glove ac0-2 amc0-2 dc0-3 4 lvl 37
HolyTao Wheel dc1-1 sc0-3 4 lvl 37

Holy Stone dc/mc/sc0-6 6 (please specify mc, sc or dc)

Mir Items:
MirArmour Depends upon level 90
MirGlove dc 2-8 mc2-7 sc2-7 60 lvl 20
MirRing sc2-8 mc2-8 sc2-8 60 lvl 20
MirStone ac0-5 amc0-5 dc0-5 mc0-5 sc0-5 50 lvl 0
MirHelmet ac2-5 amc2-5 dc1-5 mc2-3 sc2-3 70 lvl 20
MirBoots ac1-4 amc1-4 dc2-4 mc2-2 sc2-2 60 lvl 20
MirBelt ac 1-4 amc1-4 dc2-4 mc2-2 sc2-2 70 lvl 20
MirSword dc10-45 mc6-15 sc6-15 90 lvl 20

JinchonRobe ac15-25 amc10-15 dc0-5 mc0-10 sc0-10 40 lvl 45
HeavenArmour depends upon level 50
MirArmour depends upon level 80
HolyFoxRobe ac8-30 amc6-20 dc5-8 mc5-8 sc5-8 30 lvl 50
DivineArm ac10-26 amc12-18 sc6-8 90 lvl 55
FabledArm ac12-28 amc12-18 dc6-8 90 lvl 55
MythicalArm ac10-26 amc12-18 mc6-8 90 lvl 55

GreatHelmet ac 3-7 amc 2-3 6 lvl 40
WiseCoro ac2-3 amc3-3 mc1-2 5 lvl 40
TaoCoro ac3-4 amc2-2 sc1-2 5 lvl 40

HeavenSword dc8-31 sc3-10 acc+1 30 lvl 43
NecroGlaive dc5-10 mc5-15 acc+5 30 lvl 45
FenrirBlade dc2-55 acc+1 attspd+2 35 lvl 45
HeavenStaff dc0-15 mc0-20 acc+5 40 lvl 48
HolySagekBlade dc5-35 sc5-19 acc+1 35 lvl 48
DragonGate dc5-60 acc+1 attspd+1 60lvl 50
Taofenrir sc10-35 sc10-25 acc+2 50 lvl 50
Cane dc0-15 mc5-25 50 lvl 50
RougeStaff dc0-20 mc8-35 90 lvl 55
DevilSlicer dc10-72 90 lvl 55
TwillightSythe dc10-35 sc 8-35 90 lvl 55

Special Items:
Paralysis Ring 140
Protection Ring 120
Teleport Ring 100
Clear Ring 100

BoneLord 4 (this can be saved when u log out)

Any orb 6
Orb Coins Guaranteed additional stat on item Dc,Mc,Sc 10

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PostSubject: Re: Donation   Donation Icon_minitimeSun Feb 10, 2008 6:06 pm

think u should make mir items more pricey tbh
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PostSubject: Re: Donation   Donation Icon_minitimeMon Feb 11, 2008 5:45 am

yes i wil have to have a word with lazy, i don't want to up prices to gain more cash i'm just worried everyone will be running round in amazing kits.
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PostSubject: Re: Donation   Donation Icon_minitimeMon Feb 11, 2008 4:42 pm

spot on m8 u dont want every 1 uber uber 2 soon i mean i know its highrate but having even lvl 30s in them is jus not good for server on long run m8.

id say sell mir arm for 150
mir sword 120
mir brace 100
mir ring 100
mir necklace 100
mir belt 100
mir boots 100

atleast tht was ppl gona donate but not b able 2 buy everything right away:P
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PostSubject: Re: Donation   Donation Icon_minitimeSat Feb 16, 2008 3:51 am

y av them items so much if u cant specail repair them........?
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PostSubject: Re: Donation   Donation Icon_minitime

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