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Welcome to MirLabyrinth
Gm's are LazyG and Vigilante if you need any help or assistance ingame or on the forums, contact us.

Mirlabyrinth 1.9:
Drops: Medium
Starting Level: 16
Starting Gold: 0
Experience Rate: down to x35 to x40

New patch version.1 includes another new boss, spells have been reworked, and the new RaceCave has been added.

- @help type @help ingame for a list of commands that can be used during the game at any time a list is included below

- spawns deva
- takes sabuk leaders to their castle
- takes caerphilly leaders to their home
- displays current gamepoints obtained
- displays pk points obtained
- rolls dice
- use revival viel
- save pet (bonelord
- shows your gamegold
- teleport to event map

list of commands to spawn slaves
@wizslave , @taoslave , @warslaveweak , @warslavemed , @warslavehard , @warslavehero , @warslavedivine , @holytaoslave

you may change your hair style ingame via these commands
@sethair1 , @sethair2 , @sethair3 , @sethair 4

Whats New ingame-

- Jungle Map

- LordQuest

- New Special Refinement Orbs

- Gamepoints

- PotTrader

- Mysteryboxes

- Slaves

- Caerphilly Castle

- Guild Territorys

- Challange System

- Rando Pet

- Evolution Temple

- KillCount

- Master/Servant

- RevivalViel

- Phantom forest

- West_Bichon

- Frozen Temple

- Lost Ship

- Jinchon Temple

- Numa Temple

- Low Level Cave

- Fox Lands

- Ogre Maps

- Slave rental


-Rock Paper Scissors

-Loads of New Boss's to kill along with new Amours and Wepons

Sadly warriors have no new spells, but slaves make up for this, taoists have Holy Deva with TBOLT function, Purifaction, Mass Poison and more, while wizards have Flame Disrruption, Frost Crunch, Flamefield and more.

Duel Summons! - Taoists have the ability to summon two pets ! Current combos inc (2x skele, 2x shinsu, 1x skele + 1x shinsu, 1x skele + 1x deva, 1x shinsu + 1x deva)

Special Devas! - Now at level 42 , 43 and 44, the Devas will become much stronger with the actual level colours.

Item Crafting and Orbs! - A new system is ingame where you can recieve a shell and merge this in with a P15 blackironore which gives a gem, these gems then can be melted into items (rings, necks, helms) to give additional stats, but can break the item....

Taoist slaves! - Taoists now have the ability to upgrade their slaves at level 45 , giving a rich dark black colour name with intense strengh, a must have for any taoist.

Castle leader teleporting! - Castle leaders of sabuk or caerphilly can use an advanced group teleporter in their palace (if grouped) which takes them to over 40 different locations!!

Orbs do the exact same as gems except they require no crafting and do not break the item, but the success rate is still fairly low!.
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