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 Offical MIR3 Launch? Woah?

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Offical MIR3 Launch? Woah? Empty
PostSubject: Offical MIR3 Launch? Woah?   Offical MIR3 Launch? Woah? Icon_minitimeThu Apr 09, 2009 8:47 pm

Hey guys! Iím big fan of Mir Series like you guys and I just saw the big news of Mir 3. Guess what! WeMade is launching Close Beta Test GSP (Global Service Platform) version of the Legend of MIR 3 very soon on April 23rd, 2009! Yes like it says, itís going to be provided with the Unique Service all over the World. Itís Totally Free and also they have a new Character! ASSASSIN! Itís brand new version of MIR3, not like older MIR3 that you play or will play here!

Sick of lag, Server offs and No Update? I think thatís the problem with Private Servers, their MIR 3 is Official and as you know, theyíre the one who created it! Meaning that they know it best and can run it best.
Those who experienced MIR3 before, or willing to play this great PvP MMORPG, do start playing on the OFFICIAL server! I mean whatís the meaning of playing on private server if you know that your characters vanish someday due to Service Termination and itís illegal.

Still Confused or donít have enough info? You can first start it off by Visiting http://Mir3.wemade.net!!!!!! Iíve already created an Account and I am expecting CBT Open on 23rd April. WeMade is currently working on Server Management and Updates of the game.
Lastly, the most important part is that the Sooner you play the more of the chance youíll be the Dominator on the MIR Continent!! By the way, Iíve heard that theyíre planning on some gifts and in-game special offers, so be the Winner! Donít forget! Itís http://Mir3.wemade.net!!!!!!
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Offical MIR3 Launch? Woah?
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